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Seafex is a global consulting firm that provides clients with keys to opening doors in the government ministry/agency and private business communities in the Scandinavia and Bangladesh.

Guvernements Relation Services

Representation and consultancy services for foreign companies or investors, who seek contacts, investments, projects, production, export, import, partners or clients in the Bangladesh.

Our Services Extend To Support All Areas Of Infrastructure Procurement, Financing And Development Activities.

Our Service flowchart Our Investment & EPC Contractor Service flowchart

Tendering process & Contract Award

To serve as an advocate of public-private partnerships.

To facilitate communications between public- and private-sector members with respect to issues related to the implementation of public-private partnerships.

All our experts seek to coordinate and cooperate to inform ministries, agencies and other public sector bodies in Bangladesh with the identification, prioritization, preparation, evaluation, award, and implementation of infrastructure projects in which the private sector may participate.

Our consultants have the regional knowledge necessary to achieve our clients’ goals after the preliminary contacts have been established.

Are highly adapted teams bring each and every customer a combination of deep knowledge of the industry and expert perspectives from other industries on the challenge of the game, providing our customers with new perspectives and breakthrough business insights.


Contractual  Agreement and Arrangements

We assist from feasibility studies to commercial operations

Product and Service of Bangladesh

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