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We understand the importance of Bangladesh infrastructure development project, fresh water, clean and reliable energy, industrial facilities which is Transport Infrastructure (roads, rail, sea-ports, airport and water transport).

We are living there we feel comfortable with their environment and socialize with our friends and family there we belong. You work there, there you have better opportunity. Our goal is to build the country infrastructure sustainable way and provide sustainability infrastructure for future-generation.

Whether we are young or old, layman or scientists, politicians and business representatives, we need comprehensive and objective information without the ideological, subjective or medial angles. Increased knowledge, factual debate, questioning and discussion helps to find the best solutions now and in the future - in the interplay between science and everyday life.

Deep Water Investment AB (DWI)


DeepwaterWind-Energy Investment AB (“DWI”) is a Swedish renewable energy project developer, specialized in floating offshore wind power.


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